Бензинов мотокар Komatsu FD70

бензинов мотокар Komatsu FD70
бензинов мотокар Komatsu FD70
бензинов мотокар Komatsu FD70 изображение 2
бензинов мотокар Komatsu FD70 изображение 3
бензинов мотокар Komatsu FD70 изображение 4
бензинов мотокар Komatsu FD70 изображение 5
бензинов мотокар Komatsu FD70 изображение 6
бензинов мотокар Komatsu FD70 изображение 7
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12 800 щ.д.
≈ 11 930 €
≈ 23 330 лв.
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Марка:  Komatsu
Модел:  FD70
Вид:  бензинов мотокар
Дата на производство:  2017
Отработени часове:  1077 м/ч
Товароподемност:  9245 кг
Височина на повдигане:  3 м
Ширина на вилките:  1960 мм
Местонахождение:  Китай Minhang District, Shanghai
Дата на публикуване:  22.03.2024 г.
Номер в каталога на продавача:  FD70
Скорост:  30 км/ч
Габаритни размери:  3.5 м × 1.9 м × 2.58 м
Марка:  Komatsu S6D102E
Вид:  редов
Мощност:  104.76 к.с. (77 kW)
Гориво:  дизел
Разход на гориво:  5.9 л/ч
Брой цилиндри:  6
Евро:  Euro 3
Скоростна кутия
Вид:  ръчна
Състояние:  употребявани
Допълнителна информация
Цвят:  жълт

Допълнителна информация — Бензинов мотокар Komatsu FD70


1.Many kinds, Many choices: We have many construction machine, all the modles you can find here. If you want long term trading, we invite you come to China to see our warehouse for storing machines. You can definitely find the right machine you want here. And of course, the price is also competitive. All the machines are well maintained here, just like new.

2.Low Price: Whether you want to obtain engineering projects or use them yourself, using our low-cost second-hand construction machinery can help you gain more benefits by reducing costs, and the second-hand performance is not inferior to the original version, as long as you pay attention to maintenance.

3.Good Condition: Although they are second-hand, they are not very bad. Moreover, after the running in of previous use, their operation will become smoother than the original version in some aspects, which means you can use them without running in period. In addition, after we obtained them, our engineers renovated and repaired them, together with daily maintenance, which made them in a very good condition, just waiting for a new owner to restart the engine that is eager to roar again.

4.Reputation Guarantee: our company has been established for more than 20 years and has been focusing on the refurbishment, maintenance and sales of second-hand engineering vehicles, with numerous customers and favorable comments. You can trust us because we have won many honors and certificates in the world. Of course, there are still many people on the Internet who are not trustworthy. So we also welcome you to visit our warehouse in Shanghai, China, to see if what we say is the same as what we say in reality. After seeing the machines all over the mountains and plains, I believe you will not feel disappointed.
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